About xelf


Xelf is the word “Flex” spelled backwards because the only lasting results come from within, but most people approach it backwards, looking for the solution outside of themselves in the “new scientifically proven” exercise program or the perfect diet.

Xelf is more than “flex” spelt backwards. Xelf is a lifestyle. Xelf is an exercise philosophy. And most importantly, Xelf lays your Foundation to becoming an Empowered Exerciser.

At Xelf, you quickly learn that your results have everything to do with Your Relationship with Exercise and who YOU become as an Exerciser.

Here are a few key tenants of the Xelf philosophy:

    1. Your Foundation is your ability to strength train regularly in a way that improves your strength, movement ability, core stability, and posture. Most importantly, it’s to understand why and how functional strength training is a valuable use of your time.
  1. 2. Xelf Empowers You to build a Superior Relationship with Exercise.
    1. Imagine what it would be like to view exercise as your friend and teacher. To see it as a tool that challenges, empowers, strengthens and helps you love and live your life more.
  1. 3. Xelf measures and reflects on your exercise adherence over time.
    1. “If you can measure it, you can manage it.” With our exercise coach approach and monitoring, you will know exactly what stage of exercise you are sitting at & whether you are getting closer to your goals.
  1. 4. Xelf creates EMPOWERED EXERCISERS.
    1. An Empowered Exerciser isn’t the strongest or fastest.
      An Empowered Exerciser isn’t the most muscular or the leanest.
      An Empowered Exerciser is anyone who exercises consistently 12 months per year and does so because he or she wants to – It clearly makes life better.
      An Empowered Exerciser would exercise if they were the last person on earth.
      An Empowered Exerciser is anyone who has learned to use exercise as a tool that helps them love life more.

Regular physical activity is a major component of living an enjoyable active lifestyle. Physical activities include recreational team sports, group exercise, walking, biking, running, stair climbing etc. Part of what stops you from enjoying physical activities as you age is that your body becomes more limited, stiff & restricted than it once was. This is commonly due to lack of regular use. Physical activities give your body a chance to move about, lubricant itself & enjoy exercise without being confined to a rigid routine. The physical activity(s) you choose to partake are dependent on the season, your mood, and most importantly what you enjoy.

Resistance training affords you many more choices and a better experience with physical activities by increasing your bodies resilience and movement capability. This is why we teach that functional resistant training is literally,


We find that motivation to be consistent with resistance training is greatly enhanced when it is tied to a physical activity that you enjoy. Life is not a spectator sport and your participation in physical activities makes resistance exercise much more practical and appealing. It is often said that we regret only that which we didn’t do.

So, don’t waste another second, get out there and play while you can!

Resistance Training and Physical Activity have a myriad of practical benefits.

Here are a few very important ones:

Benefit at home

The strength, movement ability, and stamina developed living the Xelf lifestyle makes household duties and time spent with kids an experience that comes with greater ease. Living an active lifestyle benefits more than just you; it encourages, motivates and inspires those around you. With a greater maximum physical capacity, mundane tasks don’t drain your energy the way they used to. This leaves you with more energy and time for what really matters – family!

Benefit at work

How would your potential for success at work increase with better posture, more energy and greater ease of movement?

Most people do not want to do anything when they are tired, let alone spend countless hours at work having whatever little energy left, completely drained away. Waking up energized makes going to and succeeding at work much more likely. We have noticed that those who exercise on workdays are happier, suffer less stress and are more productive in whatever they do. The benefits of exercise for the workplace are innumerable.


Benefit at play

The resistance and strength training taught in the personal training services at Xelf, are designed to improve your strength, movement ability, core stability, muscular endurance, and posture. These attributes directly relate to your participation and performance in recreational sports, house work, yard work, and physical activities of all types. Xelf members experience greater intrinsic motivation to live a physically active lifestyle at any age.