Omar Qubaia

xelf-040fxI have been an exercise coach with XELF since November of 2014.

My relationship with exercise hasn’t changed in many years but what has changed is my ability to get others to develop a better relationship with exercise. After feeling the benefits of strength training, people are more likely to try doing activities they once loved to do. This is the ultimate goal here at XELF, to use strength training as one’s Foundation to live an active life that you enjoy.

How do we do that?

By creating a solid relationship with exercise that enables you to feel empowered going to the gym as opposed to discouraged or forced.

I chose to be an exercise coach at XELF because I appreciated the approach that XELF takes with every member. It’s one of compassion, empowerment & acceptance.


This system ensures everyone is getting the most out of their workouts every time and is also a great way for the coaches to track how far along everyone is in their progress.

Further, teaching people proper technique and watching them develop independence in a place they started out shy and intimidated is very rewarding. The friendly environment allows people to get comfortable and learn quickly when surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Ever since the day I started at XELF with Damian I’ve had a vision of this company growing into something extremely affective and known as a place of comfort and reward.

The comfort starts with the coaches, how they will make you feel, and how they help you realize that you are gaining something every session.

The reward is your independence, comfort, growth and of course strength, movement ability, core stability and posture.