The Xelf Foundation Program is our Unique and Impactful Signature program, which has been designed to be a launching pad for anyone looking to improve there skill, comfort, and knowledge strength training their unique body.

The purpose behind the format of the Foundation Program is to create a better solution to personal training for people of all demographics. The teaching of individualized functional strength training technique is now affordable and accessible to all.

In this semi-private, personal training, 12 week course, Certified Personal Trainers, who have been further trained to be Xelf Exercise Coaches, work closely with clients in a tiny group of 2-3 people for an hour at a time.

The Foundation Program was designed by Xelf CEO & Founder, Damian Lockhart, with the intention of creating a program that focuses on improving the strength, movement ability, core stability & posture of anyone who participates. This approach to personal training provides a solid foundation for living an active life long term.

The Foundation Program is a transformative & educational journey delivered in our unique and impactful private fitness studio. We believe that knowledge is power, and the routines & exercises taught in the Foundation Program stay with our clients well beyond their time with us.

This program enables exercisers to gain increased benefit from the physical activities they partake in. Even when our clients visit community gyms, their workouts and confidence exercising on their own is immensely enriched.

We use The Foundation Program to instill the basics of safe and effective strength training. Many individuals participating in this program have been active their entire lives, but are lacking the correct exercise postures, breathing techniques & strength training components.

Beginners to strength training are very impressed with the strength, skill, and overall physical capacity they build in our 3 phased program.

The importance of strength training cannot be overstated. It is immensely important for a healthy robust metabolism, bone density, ligament strength, tendon strength, muscle strength and size. Further, the exercises and routines found in The Foundation Program are so well thought out, put together and taught that everyone who participates becomes stronger, more defined, and experiences greater movement skill.

Last but not least, the Foundation Program will start you on the path to becoming an Empowered Exerciser. The Xelf Mindset tools delivered in our membership are worth the price of the Foundation Program on it’s own. This addition to anyone’s experience with exercise is of immense value.

Founder and Head of Operations

Damian Lockhart, B.Ed Kin, CSCS, FST Level 1, XELF Exercise Coach

905 741 9186

 “We exist to Empower People to Love Life More.

 *Exercise, Massage, FST, Life Coaching,  and Nutrition Coaching.”




1on1 personal training typically costs anywhere from $60-$75.00 per session. The Foundation Program costs only $35.00 per session. For 50% of the cost of personal training, we provide willing clients 95% of the value of personal training. As personal trainers, we provide moral support, exercise motivation, proper workout techniques, and safe heavy lifting precautions. For less than traditional personal training, our members learn a great deal about exercising properly, leading to huge improvements as exercisers.


The Foundation Program was designed to be a hybrid between personal training & group exercise sessions. Thus, a semi-private atmosphere was created. In groups of 2-3 exercisers, our personal trainers lead the way through a number of exercise and workout routines, usually 2-3 times/week. The semi-private approach to personal training allows for the exercise coach/personal trainer to provide motivation at the same time as supervision to the activities of the group. Another great benefit of the semi-private format is that it allows for a degree of healthy competition between co-exercisers, creating a very positive, goal-driven workout environment.


The measure-monitor-manage approach is one that is particularly emphasized to personal trainers during their certification process. However, few personal trainers take the time to extend this approach to the workout routines of their clients. Xelf, through The Foundation Program, makes it a point to stress the measure-monitor-manage approach to exercise. This approach focuses on quantifying your workouts, monitoring your improvements & managing your short/long term goals accordingly. We find that this approach is critical for the long-term success of an exerciser. This approach dramatically increases the exercise adherence of most members.


Since The Foundation Program accommodates 1-3 exercisers per personal trainer/exercise coach per session, it allows for a degree of customization between the exercisers. With their workout posted on a common board, each exerciser if free to progress at their own pace. We do expect everybody to exercise at the same pace, and quite often, we will have individuals in their 70’s safely training with other members in their 20’s.


We take pride in providing our members with the same quality of strength training & cardiovascular endurance exercises that most professional athletes receive. Regardless of the sport, all professional athletes must undergo intense strength training in order to build the core strength, cardiovascular durability & flexibility of movement required to perform at the top of their game. Strength training also helps prevent major sports injuries, granting the exerciser/athlete longevity in the physical activities of their choice. The average 9-5 white-collared employee needs a good strength training regime to counter their sedentary work day. Therefore, strength training has beneficial implications for people from all walks of life.


Since the same personal trainers that are your exercise coaches during workouts created The Foundation Program, you can be sure that you are learning from masters. Xelfs’ personal trainers control many variables during workouts that may have produced erratic results.


In The Foundation Program, we encourage members to exercise with purpose and conviction. We discourage exercising for the sole purpose of temporary weight loss. Exercising with purpose means focusing on movement exercises, strength training & cardiovascular endurance all at the same time. These are 3 main ingredients mandatory for a high quality of active living as well as for the longevity of pursuing physical activities.


The Foundation Program was created and evolved by a University educated personal trainer who has been working in the fitness industry for more than 15 years. Our personal trainers are certified strength and conditioning coaches, qualified to work with University sports teams, and as such, are very knowledgeable. Xelf takes a highly educational approach to exercising, ensuring every step of the way that all participants are cognizant of the various exercises, stretches & strength training routines they are following.


Included in your monthly membership fee are unlimited open sessions, where you can use the private fitness studio for your personal workout.


The personal trainers & exercise coaches at Xelf take a coach approach to personal training. We are not pushy or aggressive because our main emphasis is on exercise technique, not intensity, at first. Our approach to personal training involves letting you take the driver’s seat of The Foundation Program in the sense that you are charge of the pace & intensity with which you choose to exercise. Appropriately playing the role of an exercise coach, we will be there to encourage you perform at your maximum ability.

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