Project Management

Our clients tell us some large lighting projects can be overwhelming and they need our help to ease the pain.

Large project success depends on the rigor of the project management processes. Scope creep and poor risk management are two common problems associated with the implementation of an LED lighting system.

To create the ideal implementation plan, we work with your facilities team on timing and logistics.

Our Project Management implementation plan includes:

  • Large energy audits
  • Multiple photometric layouts
  • Incentive process management
  • Multiple site installations
  • Nimble flexibility to shift direction if needed

EcoLight LED Lighting Solutions has been in business for over five years. We have a solid record of quality LED installations with top organizations in all sectors of the business community. We achieved this through learning about their operations and by taking into account the specific nature of LEDs to ensure the durability, reliability and superior performance of our installations.

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