Custom Lighting

Some lighting projects require a lot of time assessing the required type of light or color temperature based on the setting, the environment, and the tasks being performed.

In these cases, you need to work with an experienced LED company with a wide range of LED product options—one that can consult with you on the LED solution that will help you meet your project lighting goals.

At EcoLight LED, our close working relationship with our manufacturers allows us to recommend custom lighting solutions that will meet your overall requirements—and not just our inventory levels.

Whether you require a specific color temperature, light level or an approved fixture standard, our flexibility will give you confidence that your LED lighting solution will satisfy your stakeholders, customers and employees.

With the right EcoLight LED Lighting Solution, you are on the leading edge with LEDs. We just want the opportunity to learn more about your goals and objectives so we can recommend the best solution, yielding ideal results. LEDs are one of the best ways to save on energy and maintenance costs while also eliminating glare, flickering and harmonics.

LED lighting will provide your organization with energy savings and lower electricity bills—LEDs are 90% more efficient. When you choose LEDs, you also reduce your labor costs as you don’t have the expenses associated with maintaining the lighting infrastructure.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our Custom LED Lighting Solutions and we, in turn, will want to learn more about how our LEDs will fully meet the requirements of your stakeholders, customers and employees.