Have you found choosing the right lighting for your customers a complex and stressful process? It’s a balancing act. You not only want to choose the right product for your customers, but you also want to ensure you’re dealing with a partner who sells high quality products, who is reputable and financially viable.

As our partners will attest, we make the new and complicated world of LED lighting simpler. With EcoLight LED, you’ll clearly understand the benefits of LED lighting over fluorescent lighting so that you can sell the product effectively and confidently.

Our distributors work with us because they trust us as our company is financially viable and stable—we have Fortune 500 clients who have been with us for many years. Our products provide superior performance and are certified cUL, CSA, and RoHS compliant.

Our LED Lighting Solution over the long term will help you meet your Return on Investment (ROI) criteria. Not only that, but you’ll also enhance your company’s reputation by greatly reducing its environmental footprint while demonstrating concern for the environment.

Our partnerships include: