Value Added Distributors (VADs)

How do you make money on LED lighting?

We work with you on a pricing structure that enables you to resell the product at a price that meets your customers’ ROI requirements.

With EcoLight LED Lighting Solutions, you are providing your customers with a product that will generate huge savings. LEDs are one of the best ways to save on energy and maintenance costs. Governments around the world realize this and are offering incentives for organizations to make the switch.

Benefits of LED lighting:

  • Provides energy savings and lower electricity bills—LEDs are 90% more efficient.
  • Reduces labor costs as there are no expenses associated with maintaining the lighting infrastructure.
  • Reduces energy consumption through dimming whether it’s continuous or stepped.
  • Reduces the load on air conditioning system as its increased efficiency results in less heat, saving even more energy.
  • Eliminates recycling costs as LEDs don’t contain mercury or lead so there are no costs associated with removing mercury from facilities.

We provide the education and the support you need to make an easy switch to LED lighting. We use a simple cost case analysis that will help your salesforce understand the financial benefits of LEDs, enabling them to sell the product with confidence to your customers.

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