Life Coaching

Why xelf offers Life Coaching?

  1. xelf-179fxTo enhance the physical results of our exercises programs → In most cases, the results obtained from an exercise program are the direct result of an individual’s choices and time management outside the personal fitness studio.
  2. To help clients live & enjoy an active lifestyle → Understanding one’s values and where exercise fits in is paramount to whether or not someone lives an active life that they enjoy.
  3. To support people in using exercise to help enrich their life.
  4. To mitigate mental & emotional stresses → Mental and emotional stresses and challenges must be managed well in order to be successful with exercise and live an active life that is enjoyed
  5. To empower people to reap maximum reward from exercise & enjoy the long-term benefits of regular exercise → Respecting balance and understanding one’s self is paramount to creating an active life that is enjoyed.
  6. To help exercisers see past the one-dimensional view of “exercise will help them lose weight and keep it off.”
  7. To facilitate clients in creating actionable plans for all aspects of their lives.
  8. To bring clarity to a number of different area’s of someone’s life in order to begin the process of change & improvement.

What does Life Coaching entail?

Life coaching is the process by which we help you move forward in your life by setting personal and professional goals that will results in the quality of life you really want. The majority of clients that enter into our life coaching sessions are healthy, energetic, enthusiastic, successful people who might just be in an uncomfortable rut or position in their life and are seeking to make a big change. Usually, the client is simply interested in finding or creating the most efficient and powerful way to proceed in a particular aspect of their life.

Our internationally certified personal life coach will assess a wide range of parameters and influences in your life and guide you to discovering the truest and most powerful way to evolve.

Over the years, we have had a multitude of opportunities to hone our life coaching tactics & strategies. We understand that life coaching is about knowing the right questions to ask and having the right tools & techniques to empower our clients to find those answers within themselves. Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate the connection between your mind and soul in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action in your life.

Who can Benefit from a Life Coach ?

  • People in transition (i.e. Moved to a new city, experiencing a major life change or challenge)
  • People who have a hard time sticking to what they know is best for them
  • People who want the next best level for themselves. i.e. Anyone trying to better themselves or any important area of their life
  • People overcoming obstacles, trying to improve self confidence, those exploring greater possibilities for their life
  • Those seeking motivation, determination, accountability etc.
  • A completely judgement free relationship

How Life Coaching differs from therapy?

Therapy typically assumes that there is a chronic issue present. Most types of therapy also review happenings in your past before remedying/treating the issue at hand.

In contrast, life coaching deals with the present, the “here and now”, and from that starting point, aims to help you move toward your desired future.

Where therapy acts to treat existing conditions, life coaching acts to create a better version of you based on what you choose to share with your coach.

Closing thoughts

For life coaching to be effective, you need to have both the desire as well as the commitment to change. At the end of the day, it is about being honest with yourself.

Life coaching is something that many tremendously successful athlete, politician, businessperson, musician, actor & pretty much any other notable figure uses to improve and reach the next stage of their life.

If thousands of successful, enriched, talented people are reaping the benefits of life coaching, why aren’t you?


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