Benefits of Enhancing Your Schoolyard

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Combat Obesity

4-Square-Available-in-all-colors-with-or-without-numbers-(3)There is a wealth of literature published on the need for and benefit of physical activity and fitness, not only for a child’s physical well-being but also for academic and social maturation. Although not all children play vigorously at recess, it does provide the opportunity for children to be active in the mode of their choosing and to practice movement and motor skills. Even minor movement during recess counterbalances sedentary time at school and at home and helps the child achieve the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per day, a standard strongly supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy, which can help lower risk of obesity.1

Multicolor playground markings can be a low-cost method of increasing children’s daily physical activity levels and would make a valuable contribution to physical activity recommendations for young people.2

Our products provide the widest range of game and fitness options available for your students to maximize their enjoyment and meet required physical activity levels.

Enhance Social and Emotional Learning Skills

In 2013, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a policy recommendation that all elementary schools include at least 15 minutes of recess in each school day. In their recommendation, published as “The Crucial Role of Recess in School,” the AAP states that, ” … Recess promotes social and emotional learning and development for children by offering them a time to engage in peer interactions in which they practice and role play essential social skills.”3

The recommendation goes on to point out that “through play at recess, children learn valuable communication skills, including negotiation, cooperation, sharing, and problem solving as well as coping skills, such as perseverance and self-control. These skills become fundamental, lifelong personal tools. Recess offers a child a necessary, socially structured means for managing stress. By adapting and adjusting to the complex school environment, children augment and extend their cognitive development in the classroom.”3

With our dynamic thermoplastic marking, children will spend more time interacting with each other in a positive way. This may help with improving social and communications skills in their formative years, as well as being an important strategy in anti-bullying programs.

Stimulate Creativity and Imagination

Many of our games can be adapted creatively by your students.  Children can be encouraged to create their own rules.  Imagination and story-telling should become an integral component of play.

Stay Off-Screen

In this era of technology, students spend more time on personal devices and portable electronic games, diminishing the opportunity for physical activity afforded by recess.  Our thermoplastic markings go farther to enhance the schoolyard experience and encourage an increased desire to participate socially and to stay off screen.

Encourage Learning

Let the schoolyard enhance your teaching efforts!  We offer many educational markings that can be used to augment the learning experience, giving you more options with interactive approaches.

Lot Worx is an exclusive supplier of innovative thermoplastic markings for the education sector

Our diverse catalogue of blacktop markings will transform your schoolyard, inspire your students, incite their imaginations, encourage physical and social activity and stay off screen! Our range of products includes games, fitness, educational and decorative markings.


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