BRAND Award - Website Excellence

The award that recognizes and promotes businesses for their efforts in having a phenomenal website.

A website can be a valuable tool for a business because of its accessibility. Anyone with a smart phone, computer, or a tablet can simply look up a business before physically going there. This means that your website will act as your first impression. Potential customers visit website to retrieve valuable information and to find out if it's worth to further explore your business. Having an outstanding website can be a powerful driving force in attracting customers into your business.

At BRAND Award our missions is to recognize and promote businesses that truly invest in having phenomenal websites. We are here to connect and promote business websites to the public. We are looking for websites that are innovative, intuitive, appealing, effective and overall a friendly digital experience. We take on the difficult task in assessing websites from different businesses and awarding those with outstanding websites.

Our evaluation system is extensive and includes, creative/design, unique and informative content, search engine ranking, social network integration, usability, industry best practices, and multimedia.

We are living in a time where information is easily accessible and this is largely due to the web. However our vision is that businesses utilize this opportunity to have websites, which are efficient in communicating information to the public.

The top-ranked websites selected will be presented with the BRAND Top Website Award. We will be awarding three businesses in every industry for each city across Canada. The business recipients, who accept the award, will receive a plaque, a certificate and a package with many benefits.

Your website is essential to your brand, before anyone steps a foot into your store they may have already scrolled through your website. This is why websites are crucial factors in business entities.