BRAND Award - Website Excellence

The award that recognizes and promotes businesses for their efforts in having a phenomenal website.

There are three award levels: Diamond, Platinum and Gold. Each award honours businesses that have displayed exemplary marketing awareness by ensuring that their websites are delivering a spectacular digital experience to visitors.

We believe in recognizing and promoting those businesses who have gone the extra mile to represent their brand with a strongly intuitive and user-friendly website. Websites are multifaceted tools that provide relevant information to customers, while conveying a profound sense of brand identity for the business. For this reason, a strong and well rounded website is imperative for a business to do well in this highly online based society.

Our prestigious plaque will be given to all winners, commemorating their outstanding achievement. This is a legitimate testament to the insight of establishing a website that is content driven, user-friendly, well designed, and provides an overall pleasant digital experience for visitors.