BRAND Award - Website Excellence

The award that recognizes and promotes businesses for their efforts in having a phenomenal website.

BRAND Award's evaluation system consists of a very specific criteria as it pertains to scoring a website. To reach a fair and precise verdict, a rigorous evaluation system had to implemented focused chiefly on design, usability, creativity, search engine ranking and content. Our experts evaluate each website based on these principles to ensure that they are assessed fairly with respect to their industries.

All business websites are categorized based on the industry they serve. Once the assessment process is complete, the BRAND Award team selects the sites with the highest scores and proceeds to award them. An email notification along with a letter of acknowledgment are then sent to all selected candidates to warmly congratulate them on their achievement.

Each parameter utilized to score the websites is simply to discover how well the site portrays the business brand. The user must have a pleasant digital experience while browsing your website and be fully engaged in the content, without any errors. We incorporate all of these factors when concluding the candidates and from there, we produce an in-depth analysis to award the winners.

The specific criteria are as follows:

  • Creativity - Did your website have the “WOW” factor?
  • Content - Was the content on your website well-structured and grammatically correct?
  • Search engine - How well does your website rank on the large search engines, such as Google?
  • Usability - How user-friendly is your website? Is it easy to navigate the pages?
  • Design - How creative and unique is your design?