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Can you reproduce our school mascot?

Yes. If you supply us with your mascot image in: ai, jpeg, dwg, cdr or eps, we will digitally reproduce it as true as the image. Our standard size is a 23″ diameter, however, we have the ability to create much larger sizes. Popular choices for installation of school mascots is at or near the front entrance of the school and at center court on sports courts.

Our blacktop is over 10 years old, can these products be installed?

Prior to installation, we will assess your surface conditions and if it’s impractical to proceed, we will find another location/ design. In the warmer climates, older blacktops tend to be more favourable (than in Northern climates) due to the absence of frost.  We always perform adhesion tests after installation which will ensure that your products have adhered properly to the surface and will last as long as possible.

What color options do these products come in?

Our catalog has colors available from a 7 chart color wheel. From this, we have created combinations of colors. Please contact us if you would like to create a bespoke marking with specific color(s).

What is the minimum order?

We don’t have a set minimum order. Please contact us to get a quote and discuss your needs. We would love to hear from you!

I have old paint on my blacktop, can it be removed?

In most cases yes. We need to assess whether your existing paint is solvent/oil or waterborne based. We cannot remove solvent/oil paint but can always remove waterborne. As most States are shifting towards banning solvent/oil based paints due to their emission of harmful VOC’s, the time is right for to have Lot Worx markings installed at your school. We’re happy to provide you this paint removal service at no charge with your installation.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes. The larger the order means that we will do everything possible to give you our lowest price.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Our standard warranty is 3 years from the date of installation. We offer this because our research has shown that if there are issues with any of our products, it will normally occur within the first 12 months. We stand behind our products because we realize that they’re top quality, are made to last and, most importantly, we value our relationship with you. Studies have shown that our markings will last upwards of 10 years. Our professional installers will do an incredible job so you won’t have to worry about your blacktop for a long, long time.

How long does it take to have my job completed?

In almost all cases, we will have your installation completed within 1 day. Our products come pre-manufactured from the warehouse and there is no drying/curing time.  Our professional installers can handle all scopes of work and work efficiently until the job is complete. It’s amazing to see the reaction of students when they arrive outside at recess, lunch or after school to see the markings ready for their heavy traffic!

Are these products slippery for students?

No. Our products are manufactured with a percentage of rounded glass bead to give an anti-slip and retroreflective quality.

Are these products harmful to students?

No. Unlike most paints, our products are completely VOC free and emit no toxic substances. The manufacturing process is designed with safety in mind. We use only organic pigments to create the vibrant colors which are UV resistant.

Will snow and ice damage these products?

No. Our products are specifically designed for heavy traffic and freezing temperatures. They must be installed with an ambient temperature of no less than 50F and rising. Once adhered to the surface, they will last upwards of 10 years, maintenance free.