EAG - Emergency Administrative Group

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Who We Are

The Emergency Administrative Group (EAG) consists of leadership from Emergency Departments across Ontario. This group meets quarterly to discuss burning topics that are at the forefront of the provision of Emergency care. The content of these meetings is decided my the group in advance to ensure those topics presented are pertinent in today’s Emergency Medicine service landscape.

Lisa Green – Chair EAG

Hailing from the City of Kawartha Lakes in beautiful rural Ontario, Lisa Green manages the emergency department at Ross Memorial Hospital. She has worked as a registered nurse and as a nursing administrator for the last 25 years. Lisa graduated from the General Hospital School of Nursing in St. Johns, NL in 1989 and obtained her specialty certification in emergency nursing from the Canadian Nurses Association. She possesses a LEAN Healthcare Green Belt from Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Lisa is proud to be a member of the ER/ALC Expert Panel that advises the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care on policies, programs and practices that affect access to emergency and alternate level of care services in Ontario. As co-chair of the Ontario Emergency Administration Group (EAG), Lisa and her group assist other emergency department leaders by facilitating the sharing of their process improvement ideas. Lisa and her Ross Memorial Hospital team have demonstrated exceptional improvements in emergency department pay-for-performance metrics, moving from a ranking of 50 to 9. The team also achieved excellent patient satisfaction scores with a result of 97.4% for overall quality of ED care reported by NRC Picker. Lisa believes that through continuous process improvement with the entire team working together, it is possible to achieve effective, high quality, timely and safe patient-centered care.

Erica Coobs – vice-chair and treasurer RN, BN, MA, ENC(C)

Patient Care Manager
Emergency Department – William Osler Health System

Erica has been in several Leadership roles before going into the Patient Care Manager role with William Osler Health System, Etobicoke Hospital in 2007 and has been responsible for the strategic direction and daily operations of the Emergency Department. Erica has more than 30 years nursing experience in the Netherlands and Ontario, were she completed her Masters of Leadership in 2010.

Erica has worked in several different healthcare settings as well as a flight nurse and ACLS instructor with Sunnybrook. Erica is a member of the Canadian College of Health Leaders, Emergency Nurses association, and Registered Nurses Association of Ontario
Erica holds a Bachelor of Nursing from University of New Brunswick and a Master of Leadership, from the University of Guelph and recently received her Green Belt Lean from OHA.

Lucas Milinovich – Vice Chair

Lucas’ background in leadership has spread across many avenues of healthcare including; Stroke, Neurosurgery and Emergency Medicine where he is currently working as aa manager. Lucas’ has a passion for quality improvement as is evident by his completion of his green belt certificate in Lean Six Sigma. Additionally, he has participated in education opportunities such as the Healthy Work Enviroment Conference offered through the RNAO and has also completed a certificate in leadership offered through McMaster University.

Heather Campbell – Vice Chair

With 20 years of progressive health care experience Heather is a Registered Nurse (Hons.) and holds both a BScN (Hons.) as well as her ENCC. She is currently working on her Master’s degree with a focus on leadership and innovation. She previously held positions as an Emergency Department Clinical Manager and Clinical Instructor, Patient Care Manager Critical care, and most recent Program Director of Emergency and Primary Care.

Some of Heathers professional accomplishments include improving the patient experience and flow within the ED, successful implementation of initiatives that support the current pay for results targets as well as continued professional practice and education for critical care nurses.

On a personal note Heather is a proud mother raising 3 children with her husband while working full time and continuing her education.



To provide a forum that facilitates communication, education and support for emergency administrators.


  • Establish a network for communication, support, education, resources and information sharing for emergency services administrators.
  • Liaison with Emergency Services Networks/LHINs
  • Provide education program sessions for members.
  • Support and promote objectives and goals of the National Emergency Nurses Association and Emergency Nurses Association of Ontario.
  • Support the MOH Guidelines for operation of emergency departments in Ontario.
  • Have an active voice and proactive approach with government, LHINs and other agencies.


  • Administrators (managers and program directors) of emergency departments/hospital-based urgent care centers in Ontario. Special Consideration for other members will be made by the Executive
  • The annual membership fee will be collected each September and the membership group as a whole will determine the fee.

    • There will be a president, secretary and treasurer appointed to the executive with a term of office being two years.
    • Nominations and elections will be held in September.
    • The executive will meet at the call of the president to ensure ongoing communication with all members.


    Members are welcome to bring their educators, resource nurses, nursing coordinators provided the chair is notified in advance of the meeting and there is available space. Members and guests can connect via video and teleconferencing.


    • Meetings will be held four times per year.
    • Meeting locations will alternate between different hospitals.
    • The executive may call additional meetings.


    • The secretary will circulate the agenda and minutes no later than 7-14 days prior to the meetings.



    • The president will be an active member of the emergency administrators group.
    • Will be responsible for facilitating all meetings / or appointing an acting chair in his/her absence.
    • Will be responsible for coordinating the activities of the executive.
    • Will act as a liaison to external organizations/government divisions.


    • The secretary will be an active member of the emergency administrators group.
    • Will prepare and circulate the agenda and minutes prior to each meeting.
    • Will appoint a temporary secretary is absent from a meeting.
    • Will be the contact person for submission of agenda items or information required from other interested parties.


    • The Treasurer will be an active member of the emergency administrators group.
    • Will maintain a log of paid members.
    • Will maintain a balance of account and report the balance to the membership.

    Reviewed/Revised November 2010