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Server root Path (not URL!) to your EGroupware installation.
Header user name
Admin user for header manager
Header password
Admin password to header manager.
Leave empty to keep current.
Limit access
Limit access to setup to the following addresses, networks or host names (e.g.,10.1.1,
Persistent connections
Do you want persistent connections (higher performance, but consumes more resources)
Enable MCrypt
Not all mcrypt algorithms and modes work with EGroupware. If you experience problems try switching it off.
MCrypt initialization vector
This should be around 30 bytes in length.
Note: The default has been randomly generated.
Domain select box on login
Alternatively domains can be accessed by logging in with username@domain.
Database instance (eGW domain):    Delete
DB type
Which database type do you want to use with EGroupware?
DB host
Hostname/IP of database server
Postgres: Leave it empty to use the preferred unix domain sockets instead of a tcp/ip connection
ODBC / MaxDB: DSN (data source name) to use
DB port
TCP port number of database server
DB name
Name of database
DB user
Name of db user EGroupware uses to connect
DB password
Password of db user
Configuration user
Login name needed for domain configuration
Configuration password
Password needed for domain configuration.
Leave empty to keep current.
, or the configuration file.

After retrieving the file, put it into place as the Then, click "continue".

 EGroupware Version 16.1.002